Long time no see! I have to tell you the true, third grade is not easy. Even so I love school, I have full agenda, so lately didn’t have much time to spend writting on my blog, but I promise I’ll catch up!

Oh yeah, mom and dad meanwhile got married . And for sure I’ve been so so happy! First because I was waiting for this for such long time, and second I was sure I will benefit from it. Don’t understand me wrong, but I don’t think a honeymoon can harm somebody! LOL

Enjoy some of the photos (not so much as they are secret treasure).

My dress, shoes and accessories are from :;jsessionid=A69FB3ED08C2DB3529F21EAE4511401E.app4

Gorgeous photos made by Chiara e Lorenzo from


4_MG_1004 copia

2_MG_0799 copia

3_MG_0810 copia

120_MG_1361 copia

105_MG_1183 copia

119_MG_1357 copia

17_MG_0856 copia

48_MG_1106 copia

78_MG_1186 copia

82_MG_1200 copia

80_MG_1195 copia

84_MG_1030-Modifica copia

15_MG_1034-Modifica copia

25_MG_1056-Modifica copia