SIENA – Tuscany, movie effect


Sometimes life looks like a movie…

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Sometimes you find yourself in places that gets under your skin and never let you go…

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Sometimes you can see the movie from a different prospective…

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Sometimes you feel like home…

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Sometimes you see life in million colors….

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Sometimes your steps takes you to unknown places…

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Sometimes it makes you turn and look back…..

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Sometimes takes you to places full of poetry…

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Sometimes just let you enjoy the ride…

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Sometimes you are just a viewer…

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Sometimes makes you look with hope to the future…

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Sometimes take your breath…

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But mostly you are the protagonist…

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So what are you waiting for? PLAY!!! Play the role of your life! You are the only one that can do this!

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Total mint look from H&M.

Shooting in Siena and its beautiful surroundings.